In my practice of yoga with children and teens, my intention is to create a space that allows participants to feel in community with one another.


One-on-one sessions that are an hour and fifteen minutes. Sessions are sequenced in line with the client’s goals/needs.


The purpose of these classes are to provide accessible tools for relaxation and guide clients towards honoring their

individual needs.



Rebecca Kennedy

Rebecca currently works as a yoga therapist for Alsana. She specializes in working with those who suffer from addictions - in particular eating disorders, body image issues, and for those who live with anxiety, depression, and trauma. The purpose behind her teaching approach is to provide accessible tools that elicit relaxation and guide participants towards honoring their individual needs and managing everyday stressors.


Yoga has been integral part of Rebecca's own recovery and healing from an eating disorder. It initially provided a safe space for movement in a communal setting. Through her continued education, she has acquired tools for self-regulation which gives way for a more integrated state of mind and body.

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Serving Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties 

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