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Rebecca Kennedy

Rebecca currently works as a Yoga Teacher at a Treatment Center, in Westlake Village, called Alsana. She specializes in working with those who suffer from eating disorders, body image issues, anxiety, depression, and trauma. The purpose behind her teaching approach is to provide accessible tools that elicit relaxation and guide participants towards honoring their individual needs and managing everyday stressors.


Yoga has been integral part of Rebecca's own recovery and healing from an eating disorder. It initially provided a safe space for movement in a communal setting. Through her continued education, she has acquired tools for self-regulation which gives way for a more integrated state of mind and body.

Education & Qualifications

Certified Yoga Teacher through Mukti Yoga School

     200 Hr RYT

     Advanced Asana

     Pranayama & Meditation


I am a certified and insured yoga instructor who has spent most of my life working with young children. My intention for kids yoga is to introduce mindfulness techniques, body awareness, and breathing adventures. A fundamental aspect of my teaching style is my pursuit in creating a non-competitive environment that allows for children to feel in community with one another. Interaction between peers combined with the benefits of a relaxed body and mind influence how children/ teens view and treat themselves and others.


Helping others heal their psychological unrest is paramount to my teaching approach. In my personal practice, my experience has been to use yoga as a grounding tool. Yoga can be an adjunctive therapy through physical postures and salutations, balancing/integrative breathing techniques, and guided meditation - releasing tensioning and fostering comfort in stillness. My practice of yoga has been beneficial in the healing in my own life, and I value the importance of sharing this embodied resource with those in recovery.



I am continuing to derive insights as to how I can tailor my approach to serve a healing purpose in this community. The above photograph features a representation of the Lambda symbol. To the ancient Greek Spartans the lowercase Greek letter, Lambda, signified unity. After all, there is an internal sense of safety, security, and peace when we feel in congruence with our true nature. Identity work is about creating an anchor within.


The practices of yoga will meet the needs for embodiment and empowerment in the transgender community. Over the past year, I have been immersing myself in Jennifer Boylan’s memoirs along with a resource book, published by Oxford University Press, titled Trans Bodies, Trans Selves. This education has been inspired by my desire to, first and foremost, further my understanding.

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