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Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-one sessions that are an hour and fifteen minutes. In these sessions I focus on the following:

  • grounding energy

  • salutations and postures to strengthen and stretch the body while centering the mind

  • conscious, diaphragmatic breathing

The purpose of these sessions are to create space for the individual to explore their yoga practice through sequences tailored to their personal goals/needs.

Private Yoga Sessions

Enrichment Programs

In my practice of yoga with children and teens, I provide a space that allows participants time for a playful pause and connectedness with their peers.

I find the following important:

  • Visual Imagery

  • Analogy

  • Imagination

  • Participation

Enrichment Programs

Yoga in Treatment

In group classes I include the following:

  • deliberate movement

  • balancing breathing exercises

  • guided meditation

The purpose of these classes are to provide accessible tools for relaxation and guide clients towards honoring their individual needs. 


One-on-one sessions in treatment settings are 45-60 minutes. They require consent from client to communicate/collaborate with their treatment team.

Yoga In Treatment
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